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Our faith is based on reason — it is not “blind faith”.  In these series of videos we would like to share with you how our powers of reasoning have led us to our beliefs.

The first series of videos (YouTube calls it a playlist) covers why a belief in a God is reasonable. In the second series we explore the best way to find more out about any God, and this leads us on to the third series which shares why we believe the Bible is God’s message to us. In the fourth series we provide tips on how to read it for yourself leading to other series sharing what God has told us in his message, the Bible.

We do hope you find these videos useful in your search for faith, truth and meaning in life.

We invite you to explore our YouTube playlists by clicking the youtube playlist button button at the top of each image below. Alternatively you can click the ‘view YouTube playlist’ button to view the playlists on their native platform. Each playlist addresses different subjects. We hope you enjoy browsing our online library and please don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions! We plan on expanding our library on a regular basis so be sure to check back soon for more content.

Why believe in a God?

Does God exist? Is there a God or not?

This series of videos looks at various reasons why a belief in God is both reasonable and also beneficial

I believe in a God, but how can I find out more?

If you have concluded that there is a God it seems certain that God will have communicated with us. This series of videos looks at the different ways this could have been done and the relative merits of each approach.

Reasons to believe the Bible is God’s message

Previous videos showed that the most reliable way for God to communicate with us is via a written document. This series of videos explores the reasons to believe that the Bible is God’s message.

Reading the Bible – God’s message

In this series of videos we share some tips and ideas on how to read the Bible for yourself. If you have concluded that the Bible is God’s message then this will allow you to get this message for yourself.

God’s answers to life’s big questions

Many people have deep fundamental questions and this series of videos shares God’s answers to these questions from the Bible.

God’s key messages for us

God has some vital information for us (in addition answering life’s big questions).

We cover some of these key messages in this series of videos

Encouragement from God

This series of videos shares some of God’s words to us that can encourage us and spur us on when times are difficult and we have problems

Reassurance from God

This series of videos shares some words of wisdom for us from the Bible — God’s message to us, words that can reassure and comfort us in a range of circumstances and situations